Fine Feathered Friends…

I am in love with these birds that are black with orange on their wings.

So, happy end of January. I was shocked to see that I had gone a whole month without posting anything. It goes to show when you live in your little social distancing bubble, time marches on and you struggle to find a schedule in the lack of structure.

So my video is one, showing off the neat little bird feeder I picked up from Amazon. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, you can buy it using these affiliate links which does not cost you any more, but throws a few pennies my way for advertising:

Reason two is, these birds I’ve never seen before have shown up at my bird feeder, they are almost solid black, but then have this bright orange on their wing. THEY ARE GORGEOUS! And they seem to arrive in a big flock. So you out in social media land, if you know what these birds are, give me a shout. Also to get this video, I had to crawl up to the window so I could film, without scaring the birds. This was I think my fourth attempt.

So on the writing front, I am sure you know from working on any school project with a partner, half the battle is figuring out where each person has skills and where the other one should pick up the slack. PK Anderson and I are feeling this pain while writing a state away from each other. It really pushes us to be messaging and figuring out who is going to take the lead on each section. But I’m not complaining, its just different and is really stretching me. And I cannot stress enough how fun it is to be able to just write, and know it will be published!

~ Angel Darkraven

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