That feeling of sweet, sweet feeling when you have managed to get a great deal!

I have a bad habit of either shopping or watching YouTube videos, when I need a break from writing or housework. I happened across a video that showed a woman buying a piece of luggage from the Unclaimed Baggage store. (I am getting no promotional kickback for this article.) The video showed her going around and touring the store which has been in business since 1970.

So of course I searched for and found the Unclaimed Baggage Store online. And I discovered that this store sells all the stuff left behind and never claimed by airline passengers. I was intrigued.

So I began browsing the page starting first in the clothing, shoes and handbags. I’m not a big jewelry shopper so I wasn’t interested in that. Then I headed to the electronics area.

I need a new IPad. Mine is ancient, and one of the first models to be made. So I discovered an IPad Pro 11 with unlocked WiFi for about 300 dollars less than I could find the cheapest refurbished one on Amazon. And I wanted a WiFi one because I use Google Fi and you can get data only sim cards to use in your tablets on your account. Perfect for when you are traveling and you have sketchy wireless access. So I bought it, and then quickly went to Amazon to order a keyboard case, and a knockoff stylus pen which had really high ratings. I have finally entered the 21st Century. No more ancient IPad which takes for ever to load things. I pretty much have been using it for Kindle books only.

The IPad and Keyboard all arrived today, so I’m happily typing this on my Chromebook while I wait for them all to get charged. I am so freaking excited! I am hoping my new IPad will work perfectly for designing covers of my books. I highly recommend that you check this store out – but make sure to check against other stores. I almost bought an older Apple watch but found I could save more on the newest version and pay less on Amazon.

~ Angel Darkraven

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